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Thank you so much for checking out our podcast.  We're working hard to keep you up to date on what's going on at the Norwalk Public Library, bring you fun interviews, and fill you in on everything else that we think is cool!


Wednesday Aug 03, 2022

This week we meet a new friend, recap Summer Reading, talk to another library staff member, and taste test a ton of candy! Thanks for listening!

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022

This week on the podcast we recap some recent programs, interview Assistant Director Miranda Jenkins, and give an update on the end of Summer Reading cabin standings. Make sure to turn in your reading logs before Summer Reading ends on July 29th! Thanks for listening!

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Today we talk about some cool programs, discuss what the color blue really looks like, and have a special interview with the director of Norwalk Public Library, Stacey Church! Thanks for listening!

Wednesday Jun 29, 2022

We're back with a new episode and more new voices! This week we interview a cool person, talk about some programs, and discuss another local place we like to eat at.  We're still learning things, so we had some audio issues this week but we'll get them sorted out before next week.  Thanks for listening! 

Wednesday Jun 22, 2022

We're back with new friends. This week we talk about what's going on with Summer Reading, interview someone cool, argue about foods, and count some stuff! If you're interested in joining the podcast team stop at the Children's Desk to sign up! Thanks for listening!

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

Enjoy our quick preview of what's to come with our BRAND NEW PODCAST! Interested in joining? Sign up at the Children's Desk to join our podcasting team!

Meet The Team



Anthony is an aspiring content creator. When he's not working on making videos or cooking up new segment ideas for the podcast, you can probably find him on the baseball diamond eating a pulled pork sandwich or organizing his massive lego collection.



Much like the penguins she claims as her favorite animal, Baylee is a connoisseur of all things seafood. A lover of libraries and the great outdoors, you can usually catch Baylee hanging on the front porch or chilling the at NPL!



Aisley is really good at being right, so when asked what the perfect meal consists of, she would give you the correct answer: steak and potatoes. Some people might call raccoons and opossums a nuisance. Aisley, however, would tell you they are her favorite animals.



A proud older sister, dog lover, and avid colorer, Graycen is the official counter of the NPL Talks Podcast. If you ever want to know how many times someone does something they're not supposed to while we're recording she's got your answer. Just make sure to bring her a slice of pizza as payment.



When asked what her favorite thing to do is, Chloe would respond with "whatever" because she likes doing anything that will help kill the dullness of a boring day. She's a super skilled baton twirler and a talented wrangler of domestic house cats (her favorite animal). If you've got a spare slice of pizza she'll take it, but don't ask her to watch Harry Potter movies because she doesn't have time for that!

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